EP 010 – The Emasculation of Men

In this episode,

Special guest Bilal Stroud joins Baba Ali in discussing:

  • the negative effects of emasculating your husband
  • keys on making your relationship more successful
  • what happens when lines roles of the spouses become blurred
  • the lack of good Muslim men in our communities

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3 thoughts on “EP 010 – The Emasculation of Men

  1. What a great episode mashallah.

    Some men may think that in order to be “a man” or an “alpha male” you have to be abusive or tough.

    Nothing can be further from the truth

    I have never raised my voice at my wife and I treat her in a gentle manner. But at the same time I have reasonable boundaries that I have set within our marriage.

    A great analogy that I heard once regarding relationships is this. A man is like a flag pole which has a strong base, but as you go up the flag pole it becomes narrower and more felxible.

    The base is like your religion and values that you don’t compromise on, the upper part of the pole is the areas where you can be flexible and compromise. And the flag attached to the pole is like a woman who is constantly fluttering in the wind.

    I read this book called “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida


    And in it he says that a woman is like a feedback mechanism. She is designed to help you become the best man you can be.

    So if she acts up or gives you grief…its just feedback telling you that you need to improve

    Thanks again for a great podcast…I will definitely check out brother Bilal’s podcast inshallah

    Jazakallah khairan to you both

  2. Another thing that I have seen with some guys that I find unbelievable when they say

    1) “My wife wont let me take a trip without her.”

    2) “My wife wont let me start a business.”

  3. Salaam alaykum

    As a woman i would like to know what a real man is?

    What should a real man do in every situation.

    How does he acts and reacts as a son, brother
    , husband, father, leader etc with examples.

    For example.. The friend who was afraid to talk to u brother …. What if he confronts her and she makes the environment of the house bad, she rejects him in the bedroom, she makes his children hate him……. And much more. What should a real man do in such situations?

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