9 thoughts on “EP 012 – Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community

  1. Jazakallah khair for this wonderful episode

    It was eye opening

    What I have noticed with some women who are in abusive
    relationships is that they blame themselves for the abuse
    that is taking place

    It seems that the ex-husband from the podcast was insecure
    and was projecting his own sense of imperfection onto sister Saira

    It seems that he had not accepted himself and was criticized a lot as a child and was not projecting his lack of self eesteem onto the wife

    It also seems to me that he had a sense of shame

    The difference between guilt and shame is this:

    Guilt is when you feel bad about what you have done

    Shame is when you feel bad about who you are

    And Allah knows best

  2. This was great mashallah

    Perhaps Baba Ali you can include some resources
    or hotlines where women in abusive relationship can turn to

    Mashallah this episode defined the problem,
    but it did not provide any solutions or action steps

    Jazakallah khair


  3. I am a man who was in a verbally abusive relationship

    My wife always put me down verbally and used to use hateful curse words

    She was not willing to go to counselling

    As a last resort after trying many things,
    I had to divorce from her and now I am
    happier alhamdulilah

    Alhamdulilah there were no kids involved

  4. Dear Baba Ali

    I would like to thank you for such a wonderful show. Your guests and topics are amazing every week

    I have been following you since 2006. So you know that I am a big fan of your work.

    But I was wondering if I could make a suggesstion

    I listen to many other podcasts and they are all atleast 1 hour long, if not a little longer

    Your episodes are only 20 minutes

    Why is that?

    I dont think we can go deep enough into a topic in such a short time.

    Is it because you have not prepared a list of questions are just winging it?

    I just wish the episodes were longer and you would go more in depth into a topic

    Perhaps we can come up with a format together

    1-intro of the topic in the muslim world. Stats, numbers examples etc
    2-introduction of the guest
    3-The guest tells us who they are, and how they got started in that particular topic
    4-Now we delve into the actual topic or problem and define it in depth and clearly.
    5-Stories and examples can be given. If the guest doesn’t give examples, its the interviewers job to “bring out” the answers from the guest.
    6-Now that we have defines the problem. what are the solutions to the problem. the guest should provide step by step action plan to the problem.
    7-Provide resources, websites, and tools that help with that topic or problem
    8-Recommend books or videos on the topic where people can learn more
    9-ask people to share and spread awareness about this topic

    I am sure there are more things we can do to bring out the best out of every guest and learn the most about a topic.

    I know that you shine whenever you can be funny and joke about a topic like you did with your friend Omar Regan

    But on more serious topics, we want to hear more from you than just, “wow….Im speechless….my mind is blown”


    I love you for the sake of Allah

    Tara H

  5. When the husband told her that she had no substance and that she was empty inside, he was just describing how he felt inside

    Everytime we point a finger at someone we are pointing three back at ourselves

    It seems he needed to forgive himself

  6. Assalamu alaykum,
    I really enjoy this podcast, please keep up the great work! The topics are very enlightening, I’m not married yet so I don’t know much about domestic violence but hearing Sister Siara share her story was very eye-opening. Jazakallahu khayran!

  7. Jazzak Allahu Khair Baba Ali for addressing this issue. We need people like you to note the “big elephant in the room”

    May Allah reward you for your actions. Also, know that for every person listening to your podcast /videos, you get Hasanat.

  8. As-Salaam Alaikum Ali,
    This was one of the best Domestic Violence interview ever. There is no hate or revenge in the sister’s voice, but hope that she can help those in a crisis situation. I am very thankful to you for addressing an issue most men run from, and thank you for doing all that you do for our Ummah.

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