EP 015 – How to Start Your Own Podcast

In this episode,

Special guest Walid Darab joins Baba Ali in discussing:

  • how to start your own podcast
  • finding guests, equipment needed, etc…
  • what inspired him to begin the process

Links from Podcast:
Greed for Ilm Podcast
Pat Flynn Step by Step Guide to Start Your Own Podcast Videos
Podcast Equipment
Podcast Sounds Effects
Voiceover Work
Baba Ali Show Jingle (Khalil Ismail)

4 thoughts on “EP 015 – How to Start Your Own Podcast

  1. Mashallah!

    I actually came onto the podcast to demonstrate to a friend how a good podcast was done as we are thinking of making one, and i see this episode on the first page! i think thats a sign lol

    Keep doing your thing baba ali and Walid. im an avid listener of both

  2. Assalamualaikum Baba Ali,

    I have been listening to all your podcast, I download the episodes and listen to it while driving, I learned a lot and have been aspired. I was looking for a project that I and my friend can work on and explore. I had a good idea while listening to this episode. You’re very generous sharing the resources with us. I hope you great success.
    your You tube fan 2006 from United Arab Emirates.

  3. I am glad you all found it inspiring! If you have any questions, feel free to email me. We need more Muslim hosted podcasts! :)

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