EP 008 – Shame Grenades and Fitna Bombs

In this episode,

Special guest Omar Usman joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss:

  • Muslim trolls on the Internet
  • exposing the keyboard warriors that start fitna on social media
  • the negative impact of shame grenades
  • the psychology behind why certain people who act like trolls
  • the lack of productivity when shaming people into guilt

Links from Podcast

Omar Usman Twitter:  @ibnabeeomar
Fiqah of Social Media List:  fiqhofsocial.media

3 thoughts on “EP 008 – Shame Grenades and Fitna Bombs

  1. Asalamualaykum,
    this was a very beneficial video Alhamdulillah. i sometimes feel like people comment in inappropriate ways not just for attention but because sometimes they already have negative assumptions about the topic or speaker featured in the video and thus view the video only for themselves to find faults to prove their own views.

    At the end of the day people need to remember it’s a sign of Imaan to accept advice from anyone even if it’s from someone you dislike. is it worth risking your Akhirah just to leave negative comments about someone just cos they didn’t reach your expectations as a speaker.

    REMEMBER: the Quran was revealed over 23yrs people take time for the message to the enter the hearts so why do people assume by leaving hateful comments it’s going to speed up the process.

    Allah knows best.


  2. Great podcast!

    Another form of emotionally reactive comment is when there are commenters posting hateful curses against Islam, and (I presume) Muslims respond by replying with curses as well. Thereby starting a flamewar, which is exactly what the first troll tried to provoke.

    The troll nature of a comment section might also be encouraged by the bad design of a comment system itself, besides just the aspect of anonymity.

  3. Just want to day I find your podcasts inspiring. I am Christian, but find a lot of the Islamic broadcasts sharing the same values and often being very uplifting. I especially like The Deen Show with Eddie, The Prophets Path and Nouman Ali Khan. Keep up the good work.

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