EP 009 – Muslims and Infidelity

In this episode,

Special guest Haleh Banani joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss:

  • are practicing Muslims really having affairs?
  • what causes people to cheat
  • red flags to watch out for
  • baby steps people take to infidelity
  • the different types of cheating
  • advice for those dealing with this issue

Links from Podcast

Haleh Banani Website:  halehbanani.com
Five Pillars of Marriage Program:  5pillarsofmarriage.com

3 thoughts on “EP 009 – Muslims and Infidelity

  1. Asalam alaikum ahki. I am so glad you covered this topic. It’s so needed to bring it to the table. Thanks to Sister Haleh for providing all the solutions.

  2. Assalaamu Aliakum I thought this was very insightful across the board. I think these kind of reminders are overlooked often and knowing it can happen to anyone shows how serious it is. Jazakallah for addressing this topic. Assalaamu Aliakum wa Rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

  3. asallammualaikum..Masha Allah, what a great article, very inrmofative and educated , thank you for the shareAlhamdulillah i’m single n not married yet, but reading this article really open my mind, and make me learning and know how to treat my future husband later. I mean i have a lot of friends r already married or not married, but man always be man, they need love, care n attention. Its true after work hard outside, sure he wants his wife to cheer him up n makes him feel secure, relax,etc. I think with a good communication, respecting, honest and many other good habits, it will be a good life could be, insha Allah amiin. We have to look our Prophet (peace & shalawat upon Him ) how our Prophet build his marriage even with more than 1 wives, our Prophet can be fair n all His wives love Him. We have to follow Aishah RA and Khadijah how their treat our Prophet ( bless and shalawat upon Him ). I think be a best friend for our husband is very important, who else he can share his problem n thoughts if not his wife..? If he feel relax n safe to tell his story, thoughts and problem, it mean he trust us as a wife, and its a good way to build strong and good communication. In Islam, it is allow for man having wive more than one, it is written in Quran, because man have a lot of desire, as long he can be equal and fair to all his wives. So as wive that his husband didn’t do polygamy, i think they have to be more greatful and treat her husband very well because her husband really respect her and feel secure only have one wife for him. Islam ways is very beautiful as long as we always follow Al Quran & Prophet sunnah, Insha Allah, amiinWELL im sorry if i have mistake with all i wrothe in this article, i wish all of us will have a lot of advantage and knowledge and help each other as a moslem

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